What Every Buyer Should know about felt Products? Your Complete Guide to Felt Products.

What Every Buyer Should know about felt Products? Your Complete Guide to Felt Products. - Woollyes

Explore the fascinating world of felting, an age-old art from that has drawn the interest of crafters and do-it-yourselfers all around the world. Felting is a fun and tactile craft that lets you choose a wide range of items, from chic home décor to cute miniatures. This beginner’s book will educate you to the fundamentals of felting weather you are already using felt products or you are just about to buy your first felt craft product this blog post covers all the important details that requires about the felt crafted products before you Buy. 

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Who discover the Wool first?
Felt is thought to have first been made by nomadic tribes in central Asia, possibly as far back as 6500 to 3000 BCE. It was an ideal materials for these communities because it could be produced without any equipment except for the raw wool and basic tools to mat the fibers together. It was played life savior role in the lives of these nomadic tribes, used in clothing, footwear, tents and rugs. It was valuable because of its insulating qualities and simplicity of manufacture.

How felted Products becomes Globalize? Growth and Adoption.

Silk Road: The East-West Trade Routes that connected two continents are the main reason for the globalization of felt products the use and method of felt expanded across Asia and Europe by these routes.

Industrialization as well as Modernization,

With the arrival of technology it has impacted in the felt making process during the period known as the Industrial revolution the process of making felt production experienced an important imported shift that resulted in increased production efficiency and quality. Uses in the Modern Era: Felt is used in many ways these days nowadays that go beyond its historical purposes. It can be found in automobiles, musical instruments, home décor, and stylish apparel and accessories.

Sherpa Woollen Kids Shoes - Mocha Brown at woollyes

Using felt for artistic and craft applicants has become more popular in recent years. Its adaptability and sustainability attracts artists and designers.

Why Felt Products are becoming first Choice all around the Globe?

Because of their unique qualities and benefits felt products have been values from a long time

And over time they are continuing to satisfy both traditional as well as modern expectation.

The following are some of the main primary reasons for the usage of felt and the benefits of the felt products throughout the history.


Outdoor Open Heel Slippers With Rubber Sole - Mustard


Comfort and isolation, Felt superior Insulating qualities have historically been its primary use for it. Woolen felt products are very cozy in both cold and warm weather. In the winter, the materials helps keep feet toasty while allowing enough airflow to avoid overheating. Additionally, felt’s smooth texture makes for a comfortable fit that lessens discomfort and irritation.

Durability: felt is a robust, thick materials that is resistance to severe damage. Woolen shoes are the fantastic long-term investment in footwear since they are strong and often hold their structure and shape over time.

Eco-Friendliness: Woolen products are Great option for the customers who care about the environment. The creation of the felt is typically more environmentally friendly than that of synthetic materials, because wool is a renewable resource wool also decomposes naturally, lessening its environmental effect when a product reaches the end of its life cycle.

Outdoor Open Heel Slippers With Rubber Sole - Baby Pink

Versatility in Design: Felt fit nicely with any verity of design styles, including modern and rustic. Felt products can be easily formed and wrapped allowing for a wide range of color dying options and unique patterns that makes them stand apart from the competitive marketplace.

Easy Maintenance: Felt is not too difficult to maintain. It doesn’t need to be washed frequently, and when it does, it can usually be hand washed or spot cleaned, which keeps the shoes looking good and in good condition.



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Where you Can Buy felt products?  

There are so many online stores and outdoor places around the world you can easily find and order your required products. While Woollyes.com could be your go to choice to find your needed felt footwear products, indoor, Outdoor, Sherpa, Kids and Accessories. Indoor shoes, indoor Slip-On, Indoor Boots. Outdoor shoes, outdoor Slip-On, Outdoor Boots. Woolly’s have also collection of Sherpa wool Boots, Wool Shoes, Folding Boots, wool Slip-On All the Wool Kids shoes and Boots including wool bags.

These products are all made in Nepal with suede leather soles and pure sheep wool imported from New Zealand. Made by skilled Nepalese artisan women who have been crafting shoes for 18 years.

We are the one of the biggest exporter for US Market of felt shoes, because of our customers believe in our Quality of the product and luxurious feel. If you are also the Eco-friendly supporter who likes to keep stay one step ahead with unique design then go and check woolly’s shoes which are made perfectly keeping in mind of designs and quality which will give you bets feeling that you can expect. Woolly’s export all over the world to order your favorite and soft luxurious shoes/boots check our website now where you can find best deal every day.

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